A seasoned performing artist, Wendy is adding songwriting and original custom instrumental slide guitar soundtracks to her repertoire. 

Wendy is fortunate and lucky to have benefitted from some extraordinary mentors during her career including award winning songwriter Grace Askew and legendary bluesman Bill Howl-N-Madd Perry.

1.  Continuting to work with a mentor she met last summer, Wendy is delighted to have secured a spot  Andrea Stolpe's year-long intenstive songwriting Platinum Mentorship program beginning January 2023! 

2.  Organizers of  Thacker Mountain Radio benefit silent auction December 2022 approached Wendy for a donation of three slide guitar lessons.  The sale supports the local radio show!  Lessons have begun.

3.  In February 2023, Wendy will be taking slide guitar to the Boys and Girls Club of Oxford.  Supported in part by the Mississippi Humanities Council.

4.  In April 2023, Wendy will be performing at the 7th Mississippi Music Awards gala, Landers Center, Southhaven Mississippi.

5.  In 2023, Wendy will be cowriting with Oxford's "The Great Effie Burt," also known as the "Jazzy Diva."  One night Ms. Burt and Wendy were independently sitting on their respective front porches, about four miles apart, facing north, watching the same dramatic thunderstorm.  Wendy posted a short clip of the storm with night sounds, Effie texted "Call me!!" and a project was born.

        2022 projects

6.  Custom soundtracks in use:

  Bob Stein's "Driving the Mississippi Delta" videos. Intro on many of the videos:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_vaHmnc--Y&t=54s   ;   Grand Prairie Friends of Illinois:    https://fb.watch/3j2wJPo5z4/     ; The Walter Anderson Museum of Art in Ocean Springs in it's video Mississippi Gulf Coast Foodways.  The soundtrack begins about 7 minutes into this fascinating piece:  https://fb.watch/2vlCWZb8YJ/     ;  A musical response to watercolors of artist and friend Robin Whitfield.  https://www.facebook.com/100006775309455/videos/2839746006261215/    ; Hill Country TV Network, New Albany Mississippi:   Theme song for an ongoing segment on farming, gardening and the environment:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpUAA1-5miY

7.  Instagram Reels

   @teresa.halfstreetstudio requested and has been given permission to use Wendy's music as background on some of her reels. October 2022. https://www.instagram.com/p/Cj0YBUqgkxJ/

8.  Chakchiuma Swamp album.

Wendy contributed slide guitar to Kansas musician Sally Vee's original songs on the upcoming  album.   Read about the project here.

9.  Adding skills:

 Mississippi Hill Country Picnic Guitar Workshop in Waterford to experiment with different tunings and rhythms 2022.

 Andrea Stolpe's Nashville "Writer to Writer" five day Nashville songwriting retreat 2022

Sixteen one on one songwriting sessions as a client of Memphis songwriter Grace Askew in 2021 via Zoom

10.  Live performance highlights  2022:

University of Mississippi Rebel quest day camp; 

Emily Jones Pointer Library Como "Legend of Robert Johnson at the Crossroads funded in part by the Mississippi Humanities Council;

Solo instrumental slide guitar,  opening reception of  Visual Storytelling exhibit at Union County Heritage Museum. https://www.djournal.com/new-albany/visual-storytelling-exhibit-to-feature-work-of-six-mississippi-artists/

On labor day weekend, Saturday September 3 & 4,  2022, Wendy is thrilled to have performed at the RL Boyce Picnic on the Old Panola Road Como Mississippi.  It was a free event attended by the Como community and others.

"a three day weekend event celebrating the mythic career of living Hill Country Blues King RL BOYCE."

Instructor at RL Boyce guitar workshop held in conjunction with the picnic.

 Fabulous set Friday October 7 2022 with special guests Shaundi Wall and Andrea Staten at the Oxford Blues Festival.  The trio performed one of Wendy's co-writes, one original instrumental, and some blues standards. https://oxfordbluesfest.com/

 October 27 & 28 2022 Wendy entertained in a designer headdress by Celeste Amparo Pfau of Birmingham!   Her spooky slide guitar music permeated the "Enchanted Forest" at  Lee Tart Nature Preserve in Chakchiuma Swamp, Grenada, Mississippi!

11.  Wendy was contacted by the University of Mississippi for a quote regarding women in blues. The article was picked up by local and regional papers. https://libarts.olemiss.edu/oxford-blues-festival-highlights-local-regional-talent/

2021 highlights:

1.  Wendy is featured in the Fall 2021 Issue of Mississippi Folklife:   Performances and the Pandemic.  http://www.mississippifolklife.org/

 12.  Wendy released "Partaking" a CD of her original instrumental slide guitar soundtracks.  Plus one track with guest appearance by Memphis' Grace Askew.

13.  In May 2021 the National Spasmodic Dysphonia Association https://dysphonia.org/ contacted Wendy about writing a song for the organization.  Wendy and her songwriting coach Grace Askew cowrote the song "I have a Voice" which Grace live streamed.  With Wendy on slide guitar, the song is now featured on NSDA social media https://dysphonia.org/i-have-a-voice/



Photo credit:  Lindsay Pace