Wendy Jean Garrison "msslideguitar" is a slideguitar player and songwriter based in Oxford Mississippi.  

She is profiled in the Mississippi Folklife Directory of the Mississippi Arts Commission.  In addition to performing at select festivals, she specializes in creating custom soundtracks, songwriting, and providing special background music at art gallery openings and private events. 

Section Photo : Thad Lee

Photo below: Lindsay Pace




text or call: 662-514-5528 


Listen/follow me on youtube:  https://youtube.com/@msslideguitar 

Listen/follow me on Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/msslideguitar/ 

 Wendy Jean Garrison:  Now streaming on all platforms 


Comments on Wendy's soundtracks and theme songs.

"P.S. Your music is beautifully in tune with the universe" Theresa.halfstreetstudio to Wendy on Instagram

 "Yesterday, I showed my mom and Gma your IG page. They were blown away by your talent. They’re not into technology, but asked that I share updates of your posts.  You rock, lady 🔥🔥❤️" idominguez_presents note to Wendy on Instagram.

" ...And thank you for your music. Heart and Soul."   Keith, musician

"I felt as if I were dreaming in a deep cave Wendy🔥🔥❤️❤️ " Truborn, musician, on listening to Wendy's original song "It's Not Enough" on Instagram

"Wendy, I just listened to Grace  and I can't stop crying.  She spoke so nicely about spasmodic dysphonia and your work in our community.  The song, "I Have A Voice" is touching and inspiring!  I cannot believe that it has already been created and posted."  Mary, friend and client, speaking about a cowrite with Grace Askew.

"We made magic" Alice, collaborator

"I LOVE when different art forms come together!" Robin, watercolor artist commenting on slide guitar background

"It [music with video] is so different from others and filled with serendipity." Jan

"Love it!  I actually have tears because it was so beautiful and fitting." Evelyn, client.

"This is FIRE" Grace, listening to my instrumental jam on one of our cowrite tunes.

"...light, form and color is accompanied perfectly by her evocative slide guitar.  Bravo" Richard J.

"Wow. I will never see caterpillars the same way again."  Luke, commenting on nature video with music

"Wendy, this is soooo soothing and beautiful.  I'm playing it on repeat in my office today! Cannot wait to share it, alongside our video" Sarah, client